Types of Clinical Thermometers in UK For Babies

There are so many kinds of thermometer available and each specializes for different purpose. It is therefore very important that you understand the purpose and uses of each thermometers, so that you purchase the right thermometers for your use and suitability.

What is Thermometer

A thermometer is a device that is primarily used for measuring temperature of a body or any object. There are basically two types of thermometers one is called analog thermometer which consist of a sealed tube with internal markings on it. The other is digital thermometer which displays the temperature on the screen. The temperatures are measured either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Thermometers are also used in measuring the weather temperature though the markings on weather thermometer are different than clinical thermometer.

Types of Clinical Thermometer

The clinical thermometers are those which are used for measuring body temperature of human or animal. There are different type of clinical thermometers like forehead thermometer, ear thermometer, oral and rectal thermometers.

forehead thermometer in uk 2016Forehead thermometer: A forehead thermometer also called as temporal thermometer used infrared waves to measure temperature of a person. Using forehead thermometer is much easier and quicker. You just need to scan this device over the temple of the person whose temperature you want to measure. This type of thermometer is very useful for measuring child”s temperature, as taking young babies temperature is not easy. You can check best forehead thermometer of babies that measure temperature accurately and quickly in few seconds. Temporal thermometer then uses infrared light to read the temperature of the skin over an artery located in the temple and displays the temperature reading on the display.

Oven thermometer: Oven thermometer is very useful device that should be available in everyone”s kitchen. As we all know, vegetables and meats that we eat have micro organism that can cause harmful effect on our body. These micro organism do not get killed if the food are cooked at below certain temperature. To accurately measure the temperature of food you need good oven thermometer. This device can be inserted into oven while your food is cooking inside.

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Gaming Motherboard – What You Should Know About It

With CPU performance pretty much equal across every motherboard running a given chipset, Asus approach to justifying the high price of a formula grade republic of gamers board is to load it chalk full of features that they hope will enrich the gaming experience let’s find out if they succeeded first a physical tour. The ASUS Maximus VIII comes with a eye catching plastic rog armor plate on the front of the motherboard and attractive if not particularly functional feature and a steel back plate. The LGA 1150 socket is powered by an 8 plus 4 pin connector setup although you only really need to plug in one of them and thanks to the new improved 2G Plus 8 phase power design it performs optimally with any Intel CPU that fits in it. RAM is a similar story with digital power delivery and support for up to 3300MHz DDR3 ram in dual channel.

Now let’s take a quick look at the rear panel, this motherboard comes with 6 USB 3.0 ports, 1 ps/2 ports, 1 killer Ethernet, 6 audio ports, 1 HDMI port, and 2 USB 2.0 ports. The best of this motherboard is the fan control setup had yet seen on a motherboard. It’s got eight sensibly position fan headers with one has become standard on a ASUS board. So this was all about the ASUS Maximum VIII gaming motherboard, if you want a great gaming experience you can go for this motherboard. And if there is a budget issues you can check out the gaming zone india site for more other gaming motherboard in India of 2016

When it comes to gaming, it pays to be picky about motherboards. On the other hand, continuous additions to our motherboard collection leave many readers without the time to read everything. The first step is figuring out the basics: What features do you need? Whether you are syncing your iPod to your computer’s music library, watching a DVD on your system’s media player, or connecting to the Internet, your motherboard is playing a key role in your computer’s operations. Shortcomings that otherwise go unnoticed in office applications can crash the party in action or racing games, and keep you off leaderboards like a case of shaky hands.

Choosing Gaming Motherboard in India

  • We understand, and are here to help with a shorter list of award-winning products that you’ll probably want to investigate further.
  • And how much are you willing to spend?
  • Prior to even beginning the motherboard shopping process, it is good to know precisely what the device is in charge of and why it is necessary to purchase a quality unit.
  • If you think of the processor as the brain of a computer, then the motherboard could be described as the heart and/or central nervous system.
  • It’s important to select a motherboard which has enough connectors for all of your peripherals.
    Motherboard what to look for
  • While we can’t answer these questions for you, this guide will help demystify the myriad mysterious pieces of the misunderstood motherboard, and give you the tools you need to find the one best suited for you and your PC.

Essentially, every single computer component plugs into the motherboard, which is responsible for making sure those devices are powered and are working the way they should. The motherboard represents the core of a PC and is responsible for relaying information between all the internal components. The average user will only use two USB connections, one for your mouse and one for your keyboard. The first thing you need to be aware of when choosing a motherboard is compatability with the CPU you plan on using.
If a motherboard were to break, all components would be, more or less, useless, since they do not have anything to plug into nor power them. In other words, it’s the hub of the computer, where all other components connect to. Most motherboards will come with at least four, so this typically isn’t a concern. A motherboard will generally only support either Intel or AMD CPUs, and only certain models too. One of the most amazing things about AMD’s mid-market APUs is that all three chipset generations support the newest-generation processors.

Functions of the Motherboard

All of the selected Intel motherboards host the LGA1150 socket type. Real panel connectors to take into consideration include eSATA support, Ethernet connectivity and if you aren’t planning on using a graphics card, the appropriate monitor connection such as VGA, DVI or HDMI. If the CPU is the brains of the PC, then the chip set is the spinal cord, responsible for tying together all of the different devices in the computer, and moving data among them. This could lead to some confusion over which A55 motherboard comes armed with Socket FM1, FM2, or FM2+, so buyers need to pay close attention to specifications. Note that this most recent Intel launch has caused some confusion in the lineup: Intel has historically launched a new chipset and platform with each CPU, ensuring the CPU and motherboard were always upgraded at the same time. n a basic level an AMD processor will not work on a motherboard designed for Intel CPUs.
For the most part these sizes apply to all desktop computers but some computers you buy from manufacturers don’t follow all the rules. The chip set determines which CPUs, memory, and other devices can be used, and it can strongly influence performance. Well today is your lucky day, as we’ve put together four different PC gaming systems, to suit four different budgets, ensuring that each component works flawlessly in unison with the others, and we’ve have four of the UK’s leading online specialist resellers in our corner to help you locate the best prices, so dig on in and pick out your new gaming PC rig – all you have to do is assemble it! Even within AMD and Intel there are different sockets. This is usually fine when you buy the whole computer as a unit, but it becomes tricky if you want to swap a new motherboard into the case or build one from scratch.
motherboard 2016

Features To Look For In Motherboard

Of all the components that need to be considered in the motherboard selection process, the first component that should be considered is the central processing unit, otherwise known as the “CPU”. So a motherboard designed for AMD AM3+ CPUs will work with AM3 CPUs and maybe even AM2+ CPUs provided it is backwards compatible. To keep the overclocked processors cool, all have been fitted with third party processor coolers, some using the traditional heatsink and fan design, while others opt for a liquid coolant pumped through a radiator. The processor is basically the heart of the computer and the one. However, it will not work with AMD FM1 or FM2 socket.
It takes data from software programmes and deciphers it while executing commands.

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Microwave Ovens – What Are Benefits And Disadvantages

If you are looking for a fast, convenient way to reheat leftovers, broil a filet of fish, and toast bread all with one cooking appliance? then all you need is a microwave oven. A microwave comes in handy on so many occasions. They are easy to use and with toaster oven you not only can quickly and easily cook smaller meals and snacks, but you can also teach your kids how to whip something up without any worry. Microwave ovens make cooking not only fast but also healthy. If you are thinking of buying a top microwave ovens in India, then continue reading this article

Microwave oven is another device that is very common in many kitchens across the world. They provide convenience and cook food very quickly and no one can deny this. But despite the use of microwave ovens across the world and great safety record, many people think that cooking food in microwave ovens make it less healthy or the food cooked in microwave ovens are harmful and lack nutrients. In a microwave oven, there are antennas that radiate electromagnetic waves. The size of these microwaves waves is a few centimeters. The microwave oven is built so that it acts like a resonator for the wave, which means that the waves inside the oven can develop very large amplitudes and hence carries lot of energy. In India there are many models and types of microwave ovens are available.Microwave Oven India

Advantages of Microwave Oven

Energy Savings:Microwave are energy efficient. They consume about one-third to one-half of as much energy as a full-size conventional electric oven. Toaster oven with convection fan can further reduce the energy use of a toaster oven by cooking the food 20% to 30% faster.

Cost: They cost as little as half as much to operate as a conventional oven, which can mean significant savings over time. In addition, conventional ovens add lots of heat to the kitchen, which adds to summer cooling bills. In comparison toaster oven will not cause the kitchen to become unbearably hot when in use. Moreover Toaster ovens are also lower in their initial costs when compared to purchasing a full-sized electric oven.

Good Taste: While the microwave oven cooks food fast, but the food cooked in microwave ovens are not tastier as microwave provides uneven cooking. In contrast toaster oven produces crisp and crusty results. A toaster oven reflects heat into your food from all directions, especially if you use the toast or rotisserie functions instead. This ensures that food, cook all the way through and reach optimum temperatures to prevent food poisoning.
Small and Light Weight: A microwave oven is light and portable, and it takes up minimal counter space, making it ideal for galley kitchens, student digs or cottages. Microwave ovens are small and only needs as little as 4 1/2 cubic feet of space as compare to 9 cubic feet needed for a conventional oven.

Disadvantages of Cooking in Microwave Oven

More than 90 percent of households in the U.S. are equipped with a microwave oven, which converts electricity into an electromagnetic field to cook your food. Often, the color, texture and taste of the food changes, when it is overcooked in microwave. Microwave leakage is serious enough that the FDA sets strict limits on it for the manufacturers. This is contrary to conventional heating of food, in which heat transfers conventionally from without to within. Seasoned chefs know that the microwave ovens can save you time and be helpful in preparing meals, but microwaves cook food differently than traditional cooking methods, posing some special considerations. It lacks the ability to brown the meat surfaces as the food is cooked in a short period of time. But once door seals age, leaking tends to exceed those limits, often at head level. Cooking by microwaves begins within the cells and molecules where water is present and where the energy is transformed into frictional heat.” The question naturally arises: What about microwaves from the sun? Microwave ovens are fast and efficient, but they also have some disadvantages. Also, this happens if it do not have browning unit.
That’s bad news, because the microwave energy inside a microwave oven is massive! Aren’t they harmful? If the food is greater than 80 mm the central portion is out of range of the microwave radiation will only heat by the normal slow process of conduction. Foods that require deep frying like puri’s, bonda’s etc. cannot be made in microwave oven. Over and above those items, microwaves can do a great job cooking.  Hertel responded: “The microwaves from the Sun are based on principles of pulsed direct current. It will be relatively uncooked while the exterior accessible to microwave is cooked in minutes or seconds. Also, it is not possible to make chapatti’s and roti’s. A lot of restaurants are now using microwaves to steam vegetables and to cook things like rice and potatoes because it is significantly faster than traditional methods and doesn’t require as much pre-work. To further complicate things, some nutrients, such as those found in tomatoes and carrots, are actually increased when you cook them.
Many of us come from a generation where mothers and grandmothers have distrusted the modern “inside out” cooking they claimed was “not suitable” for most foods. While it is a good idea to eat many raw vegetables, steam cooking certain vegetables in the microwave actually makes them better for you than eating them raw. My mother refused to even try baking anything in a microwave. She also didn’t like the way a cup of coffee tasted when heated in a microwave oven.

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Understanding Mosquitoes And Their Breeding Habits

Mosquitoes are tiny little insect but can cause lots of problem to humans and animals. They spread many harmful diseases such as malaria and dengue. They are very annoying creature that gives many itchy and sleepy nights. According to the latest health report by World Health Organization, mosquito borne diseases are one of the major cause of illness and death in many countries where there are significant population of mosquitoes. In Africa, every year thousands of children died due to Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases.

Mosquito Basics

Mosquitoes comes from the family Culicidae, they belong to the similar group as flies. Mosquitoes differ from the other biting Diptera in having a long slender body, long legs and long needle-shaped mouth parts In appearance also mosquitoes are very similar to most house flies. As such, they have a single pair of wings. They typically have long, thin legs and a head featuring a prominent proboscis. Mosquitoes goes through 4 stages in their life cycle and they include egg, larva, pupa and adult. Mosquito bodies and wings most often are covered in tiny scales. Adult sizes may range from 3 to 9 mm. Mosquito eggs are white in color when first deposited but darken within 12 to 24 hours.

Mosquito Reproduction

There are numerous types of mosquitoes around the world. It it said there are about 3000 different species of mosquitoes, of which more than 100 are vectors of human diseases. Mosquito breeding in springs is restricted to the quiet edges where vegetation affords cover for the larvae and there is little, if any, water movement. In most cases, a female mosquito lays between thirty to three hundred eggs at a time. Many species of mosquitoes lay their eggs directly on the surface of water, either singly or stuck together in floating rafts. Worm like larvae, called wigglers because of their wiggling swimming motion, hatch. Larvae don’t have legs, they have a well developed head and body covered with hairs, and swim with sweeping movements of the body.They feed until ready to molt into pupae.

Controlling Mosquito Population

As mosquitoes spread many harmful disease and are cause of many deaths around the world, controlling mosquito population is very essential. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise that preventing the bite is the best protection and continually urge people to avoid the outdoors during periods of peak mosquito activity. Mosquito develop sites are normally identified as a natural or man-made site that will collect water. Make sure that your garden or yards are clear of any containers that can hold water over the winter. If you have an old buckets or bird baths that have lain over from fall to spring, you can be pretty sure that they will contain mosquito eggs or even hatched nymphs waiting for spring.

Using Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellents are the most effective in preventing mosquito bites. They are especially good for kids, but make sure you buy the mosquito repellent with less concentration. Here are some of the best mosquito repellent for kids. Knowing what attracts mosquitoes can help us understand how to keep them away. We can avoid behavior, and locations that will normally draw mosquitoes out. It will also help us to know when to use mosquito killer or mosquito repellent.

Some mosquito traps, and bug zappers, will make use of attractant to draw mosquitoes to them. By knowing what attracts mosquitoes, we can overpower their senses. The result is that mosquitoes go towards the traps and stay away from us.

Carbon Dioxide
Human breath and perspirating skin will release carbon dioxide. So, the more you are heavily breathing and sweating the more likely you will attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have very sensitive receptors for carbon dioxide. Many traps will release carbon dioxide. Octenol is another by product of breathing, and it commonly used as a store bought mosquito attractant.

Body Heat
Mosquitoes also have sensitive receptors for detecting body heat. Blood circulating through warm blooded animals will radiate heat and attract mosquitoes. This lets them know a blood meal is nearby, and they will seek it out.

Breath and sweating skin from mammals will contain water vapor. Mosquitoes can sense this, along with heat and carbon dioxide, and will move towards it. Mosquitoes also like humid areas because they breed in moist locations.

When within 30 feet, mosquitoes are very sensitive to movement. They can detect movement by changes in light surrounding objects. The change in light would suggest that the object is moving.

Mosquitoes prefer darkness. That is why you find the highest population of them at dawn, dusk, and at night time. You can also find them in the day within dense wooded areas where little light comes through. Dark clothing can also attract mosquitoes.

Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is common in all mammals. It is used in many biochemical processes, especially when exercising. Mosquitoes seem to be attracted to this substance, and some mosquito traps even use lactic acid as an attractant.

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Two Modern Hair Styles For Indian Women

Average hair is one of the most long hair love both equally diva fame and women wearing wide. The average length of hair is actually a compromise between long hair and short hair, providing up to the positive aspects of both worlds fast women and female hair long hair.

Women with Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair have various alternatives he could choose. Some pieces of the most common female hair with medium length hair, the hair is cut in layers. This is actually one particular of the most adaptable haircut you can get. Very thick, can complement almost any kind of confrontation and can be easily re-created for a very different look. With razor cut layers, layer flipping out will see at all times in a manner that is chic and brash, while the graded layer will consider the years of an old woman. In addition, layered hair style is one that can be easily scanned one horse open or brushed tail to show much more entertaining. It is very important for young women to find a hairstyle that specialists can easily adjust the club’s professional research to be displayed. Layered hair styles are not with great elegance and softness. For any type of hair styles, it is important that you have a good hair dryer, otherwise it will be very difficult to style your hair.
Bob is the most popular cut medium length shag like. This style is very common among women chic and confident, but not so automatically with the most qualified women and mature. Despite the fact that this change also incorporates several layers, they are difficult to draw in far more serious career seems important, and because it is not appropriate in certain specialized professions.

But beyond the cut, style environment is also versatile in a variety of texture can be quickly converted to another, so it does not mean you’re bored with your hairstyle or short styles for different occasions. Curly hair can be pulled and straight hair can be curled curly hair can be tamed and kept teasing hair can be curly or wavy curly hair can be made wavy – the possibilities are endless with medium length hair. You can even decide whether you want a determination of semi-lasting temporary or one or even a semi-long term. Iron and ceramic straightening irons, curlers even traditional means all the while to change the texture of your hair for a special occasion or a walk solitary.

On the other hand, a chemical solution is often more or perennial can provide a semi-long-term effects. Chemical treatments can be used in all types of hair to obtain the desired texture – curly, wavy or curly could calm to give the right or straight hair Hair can be permanent to give curly hair. Some semi-permanent options combine straw and straighten curly hair short term treatment.

Not too long and not too short, hair type is ideal for almost everyone. Line right software for thick and naturally curly, you can be sure there are medium hair types to suit their unique tastes and hair type.

Style recognition should not be diminished, and continues to be very common nowadays. In fact, most hair styles can be seen as you can see variations medium hair. Just consider the texture or bob hair cut in layers. Most types see the best in the average. You may also think of buying a quality hair straightener for good result.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

Short hair for women has become so popular that long hair. With a wide variety of hair styles, every woman can find the most good, especially as far as facial features are concerned. When we think short hair, stinging is one of the most popular, especially among women and adolescents.

Short Spiky Hairstyles appearance, however, bold style and can also bring dramatic changes to the ordinary display, so it is important to have an open mind to go to the salon. Hair cutting techniques involved vary and therefore different looks can be achieved with a pointed style. It is advisable to have a haircut done by a professional, because it can significantly affect your physical appearance and therefore you want to go for something that will emphasize your individuality. Spiky look the best for women with soft lines and oval face shape.

Short hair style is advantageous because it is very low maintenance. You need skills are minimal in style rock this look and you will always be able to achieve the perfect look every time. Product spiky hair styles require superior quality and styling products to add texture to the hair. With the right products, style sessions converted into part of the fun in the comfort of your home space. People with curly hair should be dried first to make it easy to make a point. The peak is achieved by the application of hair products in the palm of the hand, then run your fingers through his hair to achieve the desired height.

Nails can be breathtaking when done and you can try out different looks. Most young people go to the top of which is centered in the head, but the reality is that the style of the right products, you can reach any view, including all-head look stuck or who have desired peak in the head with the rest lie. Your display can only be determined by the style that you feel more elegant and you can walk comfortably despite the appearance you get along the way.

Spiky appearance is not appropriate for the office environment but allowed to come dressed in informal or casual. It is possible in the entertainment industry or company that works more creative. Spiky style is fun, the view is more appropriate for the setting of the party and for young people who do not have to deal with all the professional requirements as far as appearance is concerned. There is an incredible variety of styles that you can go and even better when you can come up with your own individual peaks visible.

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Humidifiers – What are They And How To Choose The Best

A humidifier adds moisture in your home environment in order to increase the humidity and decrease dryness that in most cases causes irritation in many parts of our body. This device is proven to be effective for treating dry skin, throat, lips and nose. They are also very good in preventing common cold or flu. They improve the air quality of your home and can help reduce or even prevent allergies, hay fever, coughs and asthma. But this is not the only benefits of keeping a humidifier at home, they can be used for many other purposes. In a recent research conducted by Dr. Ted Myatt, found that many household items can be prevented from getting damage with the use of humidifiers.


How Humidifier works

There are several types of humidifiers available on the market, though they differ in many aspect and features, but they basically does the same job i.e releasing moisture in air. One of the most common type of humidifier that is extensively used in home is evaporative humidifier. This humidifier is very simple and also cheaper. In evaporative humidifier, a reservoir holds cold water and dispenses it into a basin. A wicking filter absorbs the water from the basin. A fan then blows air through the moistened filter. Untreated dry air enters the system around side and back of the humidifier. The dry air passes through the saturated wick filter. Moisture is added into the air while sediment, minerals and other impurities remain trapped in the filter. Clean invisible mist is the distributed throughout the room by a powerful quiet fan.

At times, evaporative humidifier will be hooked up to the heating and cooling system of a house or building. These systems work in a similar way: A metal mesh or screen is located in the duct coming from the furnace and/or air conditioner; water from the building’s pipes flows down the screen; as air coming from the duct blows across the screen, it picks up moisture.

Choosing a Humidifier

When it comes to choosing the best humidifier, you need to understand the features of humidifiers and which type of humidifier is best for you. As there are many types of humidifiers available in India, you need to choose the one that is right for you. For example an automatic humidifier workings as the name implies on the utilization of the device, which brings the humidity in the space up to a stage which is contented, which could mean suffering less from itchiness and dry skin. Here are some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while purchasing a humidifier.

Capacity: Humidifier capacity is the maximum amount of water the humidifier can hold at any one time, and varies from 0.5 to 6 gallons, depending on the size of the humidifier. Humidifiers come in different sizes and capacities to suit your home or building’s needs. Each unit is rated for an area of coverage in square feet or by estimated room size. A humidifier’s output capacity is measured in gallons of moisture per day.

Room Size: Depending upon the size of your room, you may need a different humidifier. Humidity level inside the house should be in the range of 30-40 percent. But in winters, they drop significantly to about 10 percent. To determine the humidifier size you need, measure the square footage of the room. Based on the size you need, you can shop an array of humidifier styles. Making the right choice involves trade-offs in efficiency, noise, and convenience.

Easy to Clean: The key to maintaining a properly functioning humidifier is simple: Keep it clean. So you want one that’s easy to maintain. Drain, rinse, and dry it every day. It is best to empty and refill your humidifier on a daily basis, or keep your humidifier running throughout the day, to avoid having standing water sitting in your humidifier. Regular cleaning is recommended at least once every 1-2 weeks.

Additional Features: Modern humidifiers comes with host of new features that are very useful. Here are some of the features that should be available in your humidifier.
Antimicrobial System – Look for a filter or a UV light that is designed to help kill germs and bacteria before they get pumped into the air you breathe.

Adjustable Moisture Control – If a room is too humid (signs are condensation and peeling paint), it’s a favorable environment for bacteria and mildew.

Safety features – Warm mist humidifier need to be kept out of reach of children because they can get very hot. Check for safety features such as thermal cutoff, overheat protection and automatic tip-over switch that will prevent electrical hazards.

Adjustable Humidistat – A standard control system that automatically turns the humidifier on and off to maintain a preset humidity level

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Some Useful Tips For Accepting Negative Criticism

Why is it that we allow what other people do and say affect us so much? Since I have been blogging, which is not that long now, I have met huge numbers of wonderfully supportive people! I take their positive comments and tweets and emails gratefully and humbly and I try to return the favours by commenting back with encouraging words and visiting their websites profiles and blogs as well. It’s a lovely community with hugely positive and inspiring people. Most of the feedback I get is positive, some is critical (which is good it keeps us all honest) but some is downright vindictive. Sadly, nestled their like a cancer amongst all the positive words, it is the nasty generally unfounded comments that become forefront in your mind! Why should someone’s useless comments stick in your mind and serve to sour an otherwise great experience. It brings to mind a funny little saying that I remember from years ago which has always helped me deal with the worthless opinions of others. “Opinions are like ass_oles, everybody has one” LOL. Its a good saying; makes you feel better.
I suppose that when we bare our soul through our writing, and present ourselves naked to the world, we become extremely vulnerable. Things move along quite nicely when you stay small and quiet and don’t step on anybody’s toes. But when you begin to expand and come out of your protective shell of quietude people start to take notice, and when this happens you open yourself up to criticism and outright spitefulness. Some people really do not like to see others succeed and try to cut them down at every opportunity. What purpose would this serve? In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When we criticize and condemn all we are doing is defining ourselves as someone who needs to criticize and condemn.” It really only serves to harm everyone and everything. Personally, I go to extremes in my life not to criticism. I like to bolster people up and attempt to help them to make the best of themselves and to feel good about themselves. Am I some kind of super-motivator, no. Am I so arrogant as to assume that I have the power to make people happier, no. But what I do attempt to do is support people rather than criticize them. I don’t even correct my children’s spelling! I let them watch me write the word properly and they learn the correct spelling through their own observation and at their own pace. It does me no good to potentially embarrass them or to make them feel small for not knowing. They will learn to spell in time, there is no rush.

Whether our blog writing is ‘good’ or not is irrelevant; everyone has something good to say and they must be allowed to say it. I have read some blogs that are filled with spelling errors, run-on sentences and all manner of writing faux pas that have communicated wonderfully inspiring ideas! We don’t need qualifications to create, that’s an absurd notion; people who think so are simply trying to justify their PhD’s. Why waste time picking through people’s writing technique? Nothing bores me quicker than reading some pretentious didactic treatise. I would much rather read an honest account of someone’s thoughts.

I am not saying that we should be all warm and fuzzy and applaud every one’s creative endeavors no matter how abysmal their offerings may be; wait a minute, maybe I am! If someone is honestly being creative we must applaud them, who the hell are we to say what is good! I don’t care if you have a degree in creative writing or dropped out of grade two, if you’re writing something to share good for you! Keep up the good work. We don’t need to “like” anything. If you don’t like something move along, but don’t cut it up for your own ego gratification. I recently attended a high school fundraiser concert where the kids got up and sang and played their instruments for a small crowd of about one hundred people. Some of the kids were really talented and some needed a lot more practice. Most of the people present applauded everyone equally, they wanted to show their support and offer their encouragement; it takes a lot of moxy to get up and sing in front of a crowd. However, I couldn’t help but notice some people not applauding and muttering and snickering to their friends criticizing the acts. It was disgraceful behaviour. The mother of one of the kids was sitting nearby and could obviously overhear the noxious remarks. I felt bad for her, she must have been hurt to some degree and for what; to gratify the puny egos of a few self indulgent little people. Later we congratulated her on the performance of her son, she smiled.

We all need to have thick skin when we are presenting our creativity to the world because we are all going to meet with criticism. When we create from the heart that criticism can hurt, however, honest criticism is meant to help. We should welcome the constructive criticism of others who may be wiser and more experienced than ourselves, for this is how we learn; but we must ignore the simple worthless negative comments, for this is not criticism.

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